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Explore Our Demo Cars for Sale in Whitby

Toronto drivers looking to buy a new car on a strict budget should consider the demo cars for sale at Mercedes-Benz Durham. Our demo vehicles offer you like-new quality at used car price. Read on to learn about what a demo car is, and what the advantages of buying a used but virtually new car are. Then fill out a pre-approval and reach out to Mercedes-Benz Durham to schedule for a test drive.

What is a Demo Car?

Oshawa drivers who are unsure of what a demo car is, don’t worry. Most people have never considered that demo vehicles are an option. The demo cars for sale on our lot are the vehicles that we used to provide test drives, as displays in our showroom, and as loaners to drivers who needed extensive repairs on their car. Technically, they’re used, but very lightly, so they don’t have the liability that some used cars can have. They do, however, have many of the same advantages:

  • Less Depreciation: New cars lose the most value the second you drive them off our lot. When you opt for demo cars, they’ve already undergone a drop in value, but they’re still in a similar condition to a new car.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Insurance agencies assume that if you buy a new car, you’ll drive with a lead foot. Not the case when you buy used.

Test Drive Our Demo Vehicles

Markham drivers interested in taking a closer look at our demo cars can give us a call at (905) 666-8805. If you have other questions about our demo cars for sale or what a demo car is, we’re happy to help! Curious about the steps to the process of buying demo cars, be sure to check out our car buying tips for all kinds of guides on topics like whether you can pay your loan off early and more!

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