Mercedes-Benz OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Man showing Mercedes Benz OEM parts to a customer

Genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz parts and Mercedes-Benz performance parts are the same parts your Mercedes-Benz model was built with at the factory. They’re designed to the rigorous standards of the manufacturer and to specifically optimize the performance of your vehicle. Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts, however, are the loosely regulated, over-the-counter parts you’ll find at the corner auto shop in Toronto.

Read on to learn why, when it comes to Mercedes-Benz parts replacement, you should never settle for anything less than Mercedes-Benz OEM parts. Then explore our parts specials and get in touch with our parts department in Whitby.

Why Choose Genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz Parts?

Why should Oshawa drivers choose Mercedes-Benz OEM parts over Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts? As we mentioned earlier, OEM parts are well regulated and designed specifically for your vehicle. There’s a long list of other reasons why you always opt for OEM too:

  • When you implement Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts, your vehicle will depreciate in value. When you choose factory originals, however, your value remains the same.
  • Mercedes-Benz OEM parts and Mercedes-Benz performance parts come warranty-backed.
  • Because OEM parts are designed by heavily regulated manufacturers, they’re far more durable than the alternative, meaning that while they cost slightly more upfront, they’ll save you in the long run.

Order Mercedes-Benz OEM Parts From Mercedes-Benz Durham

Whether Markham drivers are interested in genuine Mercedes-Benz parts or Mercedes-Benz performance parts, they can rest assured the Mercedes-Benz Durham has access to the gamut of replacement parts regardless of model or year. Simply call us at (905)-444-6767 to get started. Be sure to check out our parts tips if you have other car care questions like “how to change the battery in your keyfob.”

And remember, Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts may seem cheaper, but between the rapid depreciation they cause and their flimsy design, you’re bound to save when opt for OEM replacements!

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