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Reserve a Mercedes-Benz Vehicle in Whitby

Because of the chip shortage, there’s a global dearth of vehicles, and it can be difficult to find a Mercedes-Benz in stock at your average Toronto dealership. On the off-chance that you do find inventory, it’s often more expensive due to the laws of supply and demand. At Mercedes-Benz Durham, we can help you circumvent steep prices on scarce new vehicles. Place a Mercedes-Benz pre-order for a 2022 model to reserve a vehicle in advance. While production at Mercedes-Benz has slowed, they continue to manufacture models, and you can get in line for a reasonably priced new model that won’t take long to be shipped to our lot from the factory. In the meantime, read about the chip shortage, apply for financing, and fill out the pre-approval above.

What is the Chip Shortage?

Auto production has slowed to a near halt over the past two years for a number of reasons. Every modern car contains thousands of semiconductor chips, which relay messages between the electrical systems in your vehicle. These chips are incredibly expensive to produce, and 90% of them are manufactured in Taiwan, as it takes tremendous investment to develop factories capable of producing them. Because of the pandemic, a drought in Taiwan, and the trade war, production has slowed over the years. Furthermore, the pandemic has created a huge increase in demand for personal electronics like laptops and smartphones, all of which implement semiconductor chips. This chip shortage has drastically decreased automotive production not just in Oshawa, but across the globe.

How Can Mercedes-Benz Durham Help?

If you’re shopping for a 2022 Mercedes-Benz model in greater Markham and finding it difficult to locate an actual Mercedes-Benz in stock, place a Mercedes-Benz pre-order with Mercedes-Benz Durham to reserve a Mercedes-Benz. We can reserve a vehicle at the factory for you and have it shipped to our lot as soon as it’s manufactured. This is an excellent method for securing a Mercedes-Benz at a reasonable price, and it doesn’t take long for the Mercedes-Benz pre-order to ship.

Have Questions About Mercedes-Benz Pre-orders?

If you have more questions about the process to reserve your vehicle or how long it takes to get a Mercedes-Benz in stock via factory shipping, give Mercedes-Benz Durham a call at (905) 666-8805. We can help you reserve your Mercedes-Benz, and explain everything there is to expect from the process. Have other questions? While you’re here, be sure to explore our Mercedes-Benz research guides for helpful reads, like our overview of the perks of Mercedes-Benz EVs!