Do Electric Cars Have Transmissions?

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The market for electric vehicles continues to grow in Whitby and beyond. What do you know about electric vehicles? Some Toronto drivers have asked us as Mercedes-Benz Durham if electric cars have a transmission and how the gears on an electric car work. Although there are fewer moving parts in an electric vehicle than in a gas vehicle, they do have a transmission. Learn more about the gears of an electric car here with Mercedes-Benz Durham.

How Do The Gears on Electric Cars Work?

The transmission on an EV is different from the transmission on a standard vehicle. Electric vehicles have a single-speed transmission. Why is this a significant fact? Well, it’s one of the reasons they deliver near-instantaneous torque, and who wouldn’t enjoy a little more Gs when you step on the accelerator! This is how an electric car powertrain works:

  1. When you press down on the accelerator, electricity is sent to the electric motor from the battery.
  2. As the motor spins, it also spins the gearbox (aka transmission).
  3. The electric car starts to move. Some electric vehicle motors can rotate up to 20,000 rpm, compared to a typical combustion engine that only produces up to 7,000 rpm.
  4. The electric motor spins backward when you put your EV into reverse. There’s a separate gear in the transmission for reverse in a standard vehicle.

Do Electric Car Transmissions Require Service?

Many Oshawa drivers appreciate the many benefits of owning an EV, such as less maintenance. Having no combustion engine means there’s no motor oil to change. But even though electric cars have a single-speed transmission, they still require occasional service and maintenance. Some EVs contain transmission fluid that will need replacing during recommended intervals. We suggest you check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations on transmission maintenance for your EV, or contact our service centre.

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