Do Electric Cars Need Oil in Whitby?

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Were you getting concerned about electric car oil changes, and wondering do electric cars need oil? No need to worry because electric cars do not need motor oil—you’ll never have to worry about oil changes again! However, there are other fluids that you’ll need to take care of like your transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid. Keep reading to learn more about electric car oil changes at Mercedes-Benz Durham! Reach out to Mercedes-Benz Durham when your electric vehicle is ready for servicing!

Do Electric Cars Need Oil: Fluids & Maintenance

Electric car oil changes are not required for your Toronto and Oshawa vehicles. You will, however, need to keep an eye on your brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant. Check out what the typical fluid maintenance looks like for your electric vehicle:

  • Transmission fluid: This fluid ensures that your gears move efficiently and are well-preserved. Since your EV features a transmission, you’ll need to stay on top of transmission fluid changes. Consult your owner’s manual for specific intervals.
  • Coolant: The coolant in your radiator keeps your battery and vehicle systems from overheating.
  • Brake Fluid: Like any type of car, EVs feature brakes, meaning that you’ll need to ensure your brake system is properly lubricated in order to remain safe while driving.

Electric vehicles still use tires, so you’ll also need to schedule your services like tire rotation and wheel alignment routinely. Whatever you need, it’s easy to schedule an appointment online and save money with our next service specials.

Understanding Your Electric Vehicle Parts

Do electric cars need oil? Now that you know that’s not the case, explore the anatomy of your electric vehicle, so you can have a better idea of what your vehicle needs. Learning more will help you be better prepared to keep your EV in good condition for years to come.

The electric motor in your electric vehicle converts the electrical current from your battery into motion. Magnets alongside the motor generate torque by creating a magnetic field around the motor to churn it. Charging your vehicle at home or at a public charging station in Markham is how you can keep it running.

There are the parts of your EV that you need to know:

  • DC-DC converter: This converts the high-voltage direct current (DC) power that comes from the battery into the low-voltage DC power that moves the vehicle.
  • Battery: Your battery stores the electricity that powers the motors as you drive.
  • Thermal system: This system keeps your motors and electronic components from overheating.
  • Charging ports: These are the external chargers you use to charge the battery of your vehicle.
  • Traction motors: These motors turn your vehicle’s wheels.
  • Onboard charger: The charger converts the external charge you receive from a charging port into DC power.

Get Your Electric Vehicle Service at Mercedes-Benz Durham in Whitby

Now that you know electric cars don’t need oil changes, you’ll never have to worry about changing the oil in an EV. If you are thinking it’s time for a brake fluid flush, transmission fluid replacement, or coolant change, give us a call at (905) 444-6799. Our mechanics are well-equipped to service you Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Meanwhile, take a moment to explore our service tips and learn more about our current service offers.

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